The Incredible Journey of Serial Entrepreneur, Arnie Abramyan

The start of every journey is a single step, and for Arnie Abramyan, this was a step he took over a decade ago. Arnie knew from the beginning that he wanted to be self-employed, so he sought opportunities in the business space.

Today, Arnie Abramyan is the founder of several successful ventures. He is a restaurateur, real estate investor, activist, cannabis, hookah entrepreneur, and podcast host.

Arnie started a podcast, The Daily Bread, where he shares more about his journey both as a family man and entrepreneur and the lessons he has learned along the way. The Daily Bread discusses all things related to life, business, and everyday challenges and how you can overcome them to fulfill your dreams. After encountering multiple roadblocks on his journey and even losing everything when he was almost sent to prison, Arnie is using his story to encourage other entrepreneurs by showing young people the importance of never giving up.

Arnie is a renowned real estate investor and restaurateur. He has owned over 15 restaurants in the past. Arnie currently owns Arnies Coffee Inc, Arnies Cafe Inc, and Garden on Foothill Inc, and is in the process of opening a new Arnies Bakery Cafe.

He is also the founder of, a web development company. Advibe developed Swapnote software, a workforce, and a content saving and managing site with EscaladeSoft, which has received a lot of attention from major players in the business space. Arnie cemented his spot in different industries and built a flourishing empire. But this has not always been his story.

Arnie lost his dad at the young age of 17. His father was one of his strongest pillars, and his death took a huge toll on his mental health. Arnie Abramyan went from an ambitious young man to falling into street life. He had given up on his dream of making it as an entrepreneur. In his words, he didn’t see the need even to try.

This downward spiral continued for a few years until Arnie had an encounter that pushed him to rethink his life. Rather than dwell on the past, he decided to invest in his future and leave street life behind. He took a risk and went to India, where he opened a web development company. Today, Arnie owns over 2000 domain names. His company,, is doing well, with Swipenote changing the game.

Arnie has also branched into the cannabis and hookah industries. He owns and operates two legal and licensed cannabis stores in Los Angeles and has a hookah lounge and connoisseur shop. Arnie also owns multiple online businesses, including a vision he is bringing to life called ArnieVille in Los Angeles where it will become a destination for young entrepreneurs.

From almost spending his life behind bars for selling cannabis to pioneering many changes in the cannabis industry and even building an empire, Arnie has changed his story. He is now using his platforms to support other young entrepreneurs and is fighting to build better cannabis and hookah industries. Arnie is an activist and the founder of the Los Angeles Cannabis Chamber of Commerce and the National Hookah Community Association.

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